SpaceWire Avionics product suite


ÅAC SpaceWire Avionics products meet increasingly demanding requirements on reliability, resilience and low power consumption. Their form factor, mass and dimensions make them attractive for the small satellite and launch vehicle segments that need to reduce the size and mass of their power and data handling sub-systems. The capacity for onboard data handling, data storage and data transfer meets the current trend towards more advanced missions in smaller spacecraft.

• Reliable high-performance space data handling and processing avionics
• Tolerant to single-event effects through triple-modular redundancy and errorcorrecting codes
• RTEMS real-time operating system (RTOS) on 50 MHz OpenRISC soft CPU
• Thoroughly qualified with environmental tests for space
• Mechanical CubeSat and microsatellite compliance
• Innovative harness routing solution
• 24-bit A/D converter
• SPAready

Processor 2) Std: 32-bit OpenRISC fault-tolerant processor Optional: Leon3FT
Processor clock 2) 50 MHz
SCET 3) 15.25 μs
SDRAM 3) 64 MB (post-EDAC)
Instruction cache 2) 8 kB
Data cache 2) 8 kB
Non-volatile system memory NAND FLASH 2,3) 2 GB (post-EDAC)
Mass memory storage 1,2) 16 GB (post-EDAC)
NV-RAM 500 B (pre-EDAC)
Total ionizing dose 20 krad
Power supply range (input) 4.5 to 16 V
Size, with encapsulation (mm) 90.17 x 95.89 x 16 (building height stacked 16 mm/unit)
Size, bareboard (mm) 81.25 x 63.0 x 12
Mass, with encapsulation (g) 96
Mass, bareboard (g) 20
Power consumption (highly dependent on peripheral loads)
0.8 W to 2 W
JTAG port for CPU 2) OpenOCD (real-time debug interface)
Ethernet 2) Phy in external dongle, 10/100 Mbps
Operating temperature (°C) -30 to +60
Relative humidity 5% to 95%
1) Not present on OBC-S 2) Not present on SpW-R 3) Not present on TCM-S

 Download SpaceWire avionics datasheet here 


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