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ÅAC Microtec offers training in Space Plug-and-Play Avionics (SPA) globally. The training sessions can take place in our facilities in Uppsala or at a location decided by our customers. We can hold the training for a mixed group of participants coming from different companies or organizations which adds to the learning and networking experience. We also offer private training sessions where we focus on one customer’s need which implies that we can customize the training material for each group. By prolonging the course with one day we can even focus on application development targeting a specific mission.

What is CubeFlow?
CubeFlow is a dynamic new approach to nanosatellite system design in which hardware and software ‘black-box’ elements are quickly combined to form simple yet functional spacecraft.

Based on US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Space Plug-and-play Avionics (SPA) architecture and a software framework developed by Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL), CubeFlow lets space system developers rapidly integrate spacecraft components via a common interface and bus architecture. Distributed research groups can, for example, create individual components for rapid assembly into working systems.

Standard training concept
This two-day course introduces the concepts of CubeFlow design methodology. During the first training day the theoretical background is provided while the second day focusses on hands-on experiments where participants will learn how to use Cube-Flow tools to develop the following: 

 -      xTEDS, Extended Transducer Electronic Datasheets (xTEDS) are XML-based datasheets. These datasheets are an important part of the black box  abstraction central to SPA, since they describe the ‘knobs’ that may be turned and the measurements that can be extracted, as well as the device characteristics and properties useful to other applications within a SPA-based system.

-        ASIM, Appliqué Sensor Interface Modules (USA) and RTU, Remote Terminal Unit (Europe) are special purpose hardware modules designed to interface with SPA devices. ASIMs are programmed to generate the native command structures of their client devices and to encapsulate the electronic datasheets that describe these devices.

-        SDM The satellite data model (SDM) performs the central role of registering SPA devices as they are found in the system.

-        Acquire the skills and tools to develop SPA-based CubeFlow-compliant modules, systems and nanosatellite constellations, and to ensure interoperability with designs from others.

The training is performed on the powerful development tool, Flat Satellite Development kit, which is an effective tool for designing new embedded systems. Built around ÅAC Microtec’s standard products, it includes an on-board computer (OBC), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and Distributed Power Control Units (DPCUs) that allow fast and easy integration of payloads, sensors and sub-systems on complex systems like spacecraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and robotics.

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Customized training concept
The customized training can be adapted fully to your needs and we focus on the areas of interest. The training can be adapted for senior level management, procurement, system engineers, and hardware or software engineers. The course can be one to three days long. Please contact us for more info.

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