MEMS flight hardware for the Japanese satellite “SpriteSat”

November 02, 2007:

Ångström Aerospace Corporation from Uppsala Sweden provides advanced micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) components for Tohoku University satellite “SpriteSat” due to be launched in mid-late 2008.

SpriteSat is an Earth observation satellite built by the Tohoku University located in Sendai, Japan. The space mission is to monitor Sprites (lightning effects) phenomenon in the upper atmosphere. It is approximately 50 kg and is scheduled to be launched in mid-late 2008 as a piggy-back payload on a Japanese H2A rocket to a 600 km sun synchronous orbit. 

Ångström Aerospace Corporation (ÅAC) is providing a micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) payload consisting of several advanced 3-dimensional system-in-package (3D-SIP) computer modules, on-board storage based on new magnetic random-access-memory (MRAM) technology, and a 3-axis magnetic sensor for attitude determination. The ÅAC payload is using an internal Controller Area Network (CAN) bus and serial communication links to test distributing computing. The MEMS payload is currently being assembled at ÅAC’s facilities and will be shipped to the integrator during November 2007.

“The payload provided by Ångström Aerospace Corporation is a significant addition to the satellite capabilities and really raises the mission value by integrating very advanced MEMS”, says Professor Kazuya Yoshida from Tohoku University.

Ångström Aerospace will perform a large number of tests on the provided MEMS components and collect valuable statistics regarding the performance and quality of ultra small devices suitable for the space industry.

“This is an amazing opportunity for Ångström Aerospace to validate our designs and groundbreaking technology developments in the field of systems-of-micro/nano systems. In addition to providing the satellite with additional functions we further strengthens our position as a world leader in MEMS for aerospace applications”, says Dr Fredrik Bruhn, CEO of Ångström Aerospace.

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