AAC Microtec strengthens its board of directors & Fredrik Bruhn becomes senior business advisor

November 15, 2012:

Following the successful launch of the first SPA (Space Plug-and-Play Avionics) configurated nanosatellite, which left the international space station ISS on October 4, ÅAC Microtec is now accelerating the transition from a development company to a commercial supplier of components and complete satellite systems for space applications, and of products based on advanced electronics encapsulation for industrial applications.

In order to further enhance the company’s business competence and structure, Björn Åstrand, Bruce Acker and Fredrik Bruhn were elected members of the board at the Annual General Meeting held on October 16. On the same occasion Sven Löfquist (chairman), Johan Bäcke and Olof Stjernberg were reelected. 

Björn Åstrand has long experience of international marketing and sales of air and space related products and has held leading positions at Saab and Volvo Aero Corporation.

Bruce Acker is a retired US Air Force colonel, with special competence in satellites for defense applications. He has recently served as defense attaché at the US embassy in Stockholm.

As an entrepreneur and one of the company’s founders, Fredrik Bruhn has contributed strongly to the development of ÅAC Microtec. He will now leave the daily operations and assume the role of senior management advisor concerning marketing and product planning, and the commercialization of the company’s space and defense related products. This is an area of central interest to the company where Fredrik’s unique competence and wide contact network will be very useful.

“We are happy that we will continue to have Fredrik closely connected to the company. In addition to his role as board member also as an experienced advisor in issues relating to business development and marketing, and of course as a key person in our major commissions from public authorities. Fredrik’s deep competence and unique skills will greatly benefit ÅAC Microtec and our continued development in the business areas of space, defense and industry,” says Kjell Bohlin, CEO.

“Being one of the founders of the company and having worked in a leading position for a number of years, it feels great for me to be part of the building of a fantastic company with world-leading customers and skilled coworkers. At the same time it’s a constant challenge also to continuously improve your specialist skills and keep your scientific competence up to date. In order to make this possible and enable me to raise my sights and get new influences I have now chosen to focus on an actively supporting role in the company,” says Fredrik Bruhn.

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